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PhysioTru Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-02-07)

Whether the belief is that you can get out of debt by taking on more debt, or that the price of a house can only rise,PhysioTru or that we must keep out of the sun, or that carbon dioxide is a deadly poison; beliefs have consequences. And they may do tremendous damage before they are discovered to be false or the real agenda is exposed.There are always those that understand reality and warn of the consequences, but of course they are not listened to. If the belief is combined with money and power interests, the dissenters will be marginalised, denigrated, and may have their reputations and careers ruined.Any professional person hates to feel helpless in the field in which they work. Doctors are a class of professional that often find themselves in that position. So when a scientist has a belief that cholesterol is bad; that reducing it provides the answer to a major killer, does it really matter if he distorts the data to 'prove' his point? He 'knows' he is right and that many lives will be saved if he can just persuade his colleagues and spread the word.And when the rest of the medical profession hear this, a great wave of optimism is unleashed. They can now offer a solution to a terrible problem. Other scientists are enthused to carry out studies to confirm this.These studies are criticised for their poor quality. In many cases the studies' positive conclusions are the opposite to what they actually demonstrated, but this is brushed aside. How dare you take our dream away.A huge money flow is stimulated, making researchers very happy, making medical journals happy, providing increased prosperity for doctors, and boosting the profits of the food industry as they switch from low profit animal foods to high profit laboratory foods.And then the drug companies come along to offer an easy solution and earn themselves a fortune in the process. And the media are very happy from all the advertising revenue flowing their way. And the public are so happy to pay for all this because they are protected from a nasty disease.

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