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Advanced Prostate Formula

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-26)

One system associated with penis enlargement and Advanced Prostate Formula Review normal penis length is the joints of the lumbar spine, sacrum, and associated bilateral pelvic structures (ilia). The bio-mechanical, or lack of proper bio-mechanical function, in this region will alter your ability to enlarge your penis to its fullest potential; as well as impeding the size you can currently grow to upon achieving an erection. It sounds a bit complicated; but, really, it's not. First we have to understand that at least 30% of the penis is actually inside of the body. This may be the remnants of part of the mechanics of the original penis bone (os penis) which all our other primate brothers have. In primates the penis bone rests inside the pelvo-abdominal region and upon arousal extends into the penis to make it erect. Quite possibly, if Man did have an os penis at one time, the reason for such a large part of the penis being stuck inside the body may be due to this original mechanism (and its vestigial mechanical function) of creating an erection. Regardless, a great deal of the penis is stuck inside the body and does not protrude upon erection. This is because it is held back by the ligaments that keep the penis attached to the body. These ligaments attach to the pelvis. By having a hyperlordotic lumbar spine this, bio-mechanically, shifts the pelvis to create an anterior-inferior (forward and down) "tipping" of the front of the pelvis. This forces the pubic bone to shift posterior-superior (back and up) and restricts the ligaments of the penis.Well, what does that mean? It means if you have an excessive curvature to your lower back, this tilts your pelvis and will decrease the length your penis can grow upon erectile extension. It also affects the ability to increase your penis length through natural penis enlargement utilizing stretching exercises.

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