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Kachin Diabetes Solution

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-20)

A lot of people who are not really into the Kachin Diabetes Solution Reviewmedical field often think that diabetes in all patients are one and the same. Their notion however is not entirely correct. This is because diabetes is known to have three types and they are: Type 1This type of diabetes is also commonly referred to by some as insulin - dependent diabetes. This is because the condition happens when the immune system of the body acts against and eventually destroys the cells in that produce insulin. As such treatment for this specific type of the disease requires the patient to inject themselves with insulin shots regularly or whenever they feel that their insulin level is becoming low. Apart from the shots, a patient with type 1 diabetes may also have to follow a strict diet and commit to regular exercise. Type 2Type 2 diabetes is commonly known as non - insulin dependent diabetes. According to some doctors, this type is both more serious and more rampant compared to other types of diabetes. It is more serious because it is triggered once a patient experiences insulin deficiency and resistance at the same time.Now, why is it rampant? This is because this type of disease can be triggered by genetics and several other factors like diet, inactivity, obesity and even high blood pressure.As for diabetes treatment for this type of disease, doctors often find the need to have their patients undergo an entire lifestyle change and they may also prescribe some medications apart from the regular insulin shots.

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