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Memory Hack

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-21)

Becoming knowledgeable about disease is an important Memory Hack Reviewpart of having a successful health care experience. Individuals must have a basic understanding of his or her disease. The better you understand your diseases the better you can partner in your medical care.No one has a greater interest vested in your well being than you. Physicians manage very busy office practices and may overlook some important aspects of your care. It is imperative that you help your health care providers give you the care that is needed to prevent death and disability.As part of health care responsibility you need to understand your disease. Below are a list of questions you should ask your health care provider if you have dementia. What type of dementia do I have? Although the current state of medical science is often unable to accurately diagnosis the specific type of dementia, it is helpful to know what type of dementia your doctor feels you have. How did you make the diagnosis? A doctor bases diagnosis on an examination, but laboratory evaluation may have been done to rule out other diseases. Sometimes scans of the head are carried out to help make the diagnosis and rule out other disease states. Could I have a reversible cause of dementia? Has it been looked for it? Some conditions - such as infections - can lead to a state of temporary confusion that, if treated, can result in a reversal of the confusion. How severe is my dementia? Dementia is often broken down into mild, moderate and severe. Your doctor can

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