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by Regina Fancy (2020-01-24)

Well Christmas is over for another year and now LumaSlim Review comes the time when most of us promise to lose weight or get fit, or even a combination of both of these. The problem is, how is the best way to lose the Christmas pounds that we have put on?Well the simple truth is, by following a natural healthy eating program. You need to aim at losing about 2lbs per week. Now I know that does not seem a lot, and to be perfectly honest in the first 2 - 3 weeks you will lose considerably more than that, but 2llbs per week means that by summer time you will have lost over 20lbs!By concentrating on losing just 2lbs per week you are setting a very realistic target for each week, and by achieving that you are helping yourself to stay committed to the diet you are following. Yes I know, I have used the dreaded word, "diet". In the past diets have conjured up images of lots of salads and cottage cheese, and boring meals, but not anymore.With the modern diet programs, that are easily accessible to everyone, comes a better understanding of following a healthy diet. Most programs now incorporate not only enjoyable and great tasting meals; they also allow you the odd treat such as chocolate or desserts.So how do you choose the right program? Well I would recommend following the following guidelines. A good diet program needs to be based on following a healthy and natural eating plan. It needs to include some form of exercise plan. Most importantly it must contain a weight loss maintaining plan, so that once you have lost the weight, you continue to keep the weight off.Whatever plan you choose must fit in with you daily schedule. It is no use choosing one that will be impossible for you to follow.If you follow these 4 points it will help you to choose the best program that will allow you to lose the Christmas pounds you have put on.

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