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Manifestation Magic

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-27)

Here's how to deal with it. First, write your Manifestation Magic Review vision out as suggested above. Don't think or theorize about doing it. Do it. Next, make a list of your own 'unmade beds'. Be really honest with yourself; get it all on there. Place the items on your list in the order of their urgency. Now, and this is the important part, put that list somewhere where you'll see it every day. Don't hide it in a drawer. We have traditionally seen these things as the cause of our stress. It's time to shift that view. This is the list that will protect us from stress. We will function better during the day and sleep better at night knowing we're dealing with things straight on.By looking at both sides clearly; the positive vision and how best to protect it, we're setting ourselves up to soar. Enjoy the journey.Success Coach Carol McQuaid is dedicated to opening people's minds up to the possibilities in their own lives. She coaches individuals and teams, and runs a dynamic workshop series designed to deliver the skills to shift people from "I could" to "I did!". Carol is a dynamic speaker and writes a weekly newspaper column on success strategies. She's a member of the International Coaches Federation and has served as Education Director for groups such as Toastmasters and BNI Canada.Persistence is a trait that defines winners. The ability to shrug off adversity and endure is a hallmark value in the life of everyone who persists.

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