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Newspaper Supplements - Information - just for you

by Bill Schaw (2020-03-19)

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Newspapers have always been one of the most inexpensive ways to be in sync with the world. As a kid I remember there used to be one or two newspapers that my grandfather and father read. One was Times of India and the other Navbharat Times. Then there was a sudden spurt in newspapers. I could attribute this to an increase in the literate and interested urban population. Everybody's appetite for news is different though. Some like to read gossip about Bollywood celebrities, some like to read about what is happening with their daily soap stars, while many others like business and finance. How can one newspaper of 20 to 25 pages satiate all these needs?

Moreover the demand for print media has increased over time. This certainly means there are profitable business prospects for the industry. Supplements not only help the newspaper to carve their niche but also help largely in revenue generation. A single newspaper cannot possibly house only advertisements and classifieds. Therefore supplements become a fertile ground for generating good revenue through advertisements.

There are various supplements allowing a newspaper to engage their audience in a better way. For instance Times of India. It has got into niche segments of business, education, health and fitness, property and page 3 gossip. These supplements provide a plethora of information on various topics and sub-topics. Every supplement of Times of India has created its own niche. It is not just a medium to engage with the audience but also to effectively deliver customer requirements. It is the quality of the supplements that makes them reader friendly and popular.

Education Times Logo
Education Times
Students who want to know about various courses available post SSC & HSC or have any career dilemma can readily find an answer in Education Times. It is a weekly supplement that provides information on various career options, colleges, 토토사이트 expert opinion and the like. The print and the online newspaper is an ocean of knowledge and information. Moreover to connect effectively the online segment has started live chat sessions wherein the students can get their doubts solved through experts. Isn't that the most reasonable way to get a solution to your career issues?

Times Wellness logoTimes Ascent Logo Times Wellness &Times Ascent
Similarly Times Wellness saves you the fat fees/money that you would pay for your health and fitness. It disseminates easy health and fitness tips encompassing mental, physical and emotional health. The next popular supplement is Times Ascent that boasts prominence in the domain of corporate news. It pertains to various jobs available, prospects in various industry segments, corporate etiquettes and much more. Like Education Times, Times Ascent Online too has a live chat feature to understand the job market direct from the industry experts.

These supplements are certainly a rich source of credible information and news. They serve a dual purpose of satisfying the corporate profitability needs on one hand and also cater to information and news needs of their audience.

Education Times - References

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Education Times uses Facebook to connect with parents, teachers and students to guide them

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Study in India | Education Loans | Education Abroad | Distance Learning Education Programs
Get detailed information on various study programs, study in India, study in abroad, international business education, distance learning education programs, mba programs and many more only on Education Times.

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Times Ascent - References

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Times Ascent connects with job seekers, job providers on Facebook, but more importantly they have an archived editorial content which should be used.

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Tweets from Times Ascent

Times Ascent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Times Ascent Online is a one stop destination for all your career & business related issues
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Times Wellness guides people on the health via the Facebook Fan Page

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Updates on the the health articles from the website

The Times of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Times Welllness Online

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7 years ago

its really good which provides a wide variety of information.Thanks to the editors and while group of TIMES OF INDIA

Vandana mishra

7 years ago

A vast source of information.

Health Store

8 years ago

Very Nice hub, well written and have a catchy title nicely done mokshjuneja

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