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Re: english homework on overpopulation

by Alexandra Grayson (2018-08-03)

In response to english homework on overpopulation

I was struck by "The Population Bomb" and an example of bacteria in a flask of limited size (like the earth), limited resources (food and water), and crowding, all of which led to an exponential growth curve and then extinction of the population of bacteria.

Accoring to the yourhomeworkhelp writers who do my english homework for me, the human growth curve was looking like the bacterial exponential growth curve.  That scared me.  I didn't want Homo sapiens to go extinct. 

Unless people didn't want draconian measures, we were going to have to control ourselves.  I decided not to have children.

I remembered reading another book, can't remember author at the moment, It was sci fi where the solution to overpopulation was to randomly close off the ends of a tunnel as people were going to the beach on vacation.  Those trapped in the tunnel were killed with a lethal gas.  That was the earth's solution to overpopulation.  I suppose that's better than war.

Unfortunately, right now, war is doing its part in keeping earth's population down.

I just heard on the radio that the birth rate of American white folks is much lower than that of American nonwhite folks.  And it seems to be low on earth in populations of the most educated.  Probably whites are still the most educated in America?

Anyway, with global warming changing the climate, overpopulation is just going to add to the challenge of Homo sapiens surviving on earth.

Those are probably the 2 things most critical to the survival of the human species.

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