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Traffic Ivy

by willam princy (2019-02-03)

So the more articles you get submitted, the more backlinks you Traffic Ivy Review acquire and the better you'll do with search engine rankings.The difference in marketing with articles for backlinks, and marketing for traffic, the latter, is believed by many advanced marketers as being the more 'useful' technique. Put in easy terms, this approach uses articles to create 'streams' of traffic to the site that your inserted "link" directs the reader to.Remember how we just talked about the backlink in the resource box of the article? Well, if the readers of that article actually were to click it, they would be taken to whatever site the link address is for. Every time it gets clicked you'd be getting more and more traffic to wherever that backlink points. Can you see how that generates traffic for you. For this to become a reality, you'll need to convince the readers to click it, and you'll also need to take care of a number of other details. So be sincere and convincing in your resource box to get the click.The main advantage of using article directories in this manner is the fact that you'll be taking advantage of their existing value with search engines. Search engines love most article directories.So you will probably rank better using them than you would if you used a fresh website.

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