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Hyperbolic Stretching

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-26)

Please do not think that jogging is just a waste of your Hyperbolic Stretching Review time and energy. It is a real pleasure. Please try it if you don't believe me. I promise, you will like it a lot. Grab your iPod, take you friend or a dog with you and go for it. Take it slowly at the beginning. Try to run around your house a couple of times at first. It is very important not to overdo in the beginning. It is not necessary at all to try to run for big distances. Jogging has to give you pleasure. It is very very important that you would not overwhelm yourself. Then after jogging take a shower and you will feel like a million dollars. You will notice that you are not hungry and not sleepy at all. On the contrary - you will feel more vital and have more energy.If you want to avoid injuries, you have to do a little worm-up before you start jogging. Firstly do some tension exercises, then 10 sit-ups, jumps and start jogging at a very slow pace. After 1 minute increase your pace.If you haven't been jogging regularly before, start from short 15 minute jogging plus walking workout. Then increase the duration of your workouts, but please do not overdo. Take it slowly. Jogging has to give you pleasure. Feeling easily tired after jogging is normal.

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