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Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-27)

The value of a food on the Glycaemic Index Scale is Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85 Review greatly affected by the type of food, its processing, ripeness, period over which it is stored, the method of cooking and few other factors. When the food (containing the carbohydrate) is ingested, it finally releases glucose during the digestion process, which is absorbed, which then produces a spike in the blood glucose level. Large spikes are very harmful to a person with Diabetes 2!These spikes increase the imbalance between body's ability to 'detoxify' reactive oxygen and its 'production'. This disturbance can produce 'free radicals and peroxides' that can be toxic and damage cell components. The human body is certainly pushed to extremes when large amounts of foods with a high Glycaemic Index value (like 70 - 100 or even more on the scale) are consumed, and large amounts of glucose are rapidly absorbed producing large spikes in blood glucose levels.It is very important that Diabetes 2 patients know the Glycaemic Index values of the food that they consume. This is because the amount of glucose obtained from the carbohydrate portion in their food (and the glucose spike which goes along with it - after eating it) is not the same for all foods! Diabetes 2 patients should know what they can and can't eat, based on this Glycaemic Index.The intake of low Glycaemic Index foods produces 1) only very small spikes in blood glucose and 2) introduces at very slow rate, the absorbed glucose into the bloodstream, which 3) helps maintain 'balanced' energy levels and will 4) keep you active for longer, simply by supplying you energy for longer in the form of slow release energy (or 'slow release glucose' into the bloodstream).

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