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by Regina Fancy (2020-01-11)

Using lasers for stretch marks removal involves a HydraLyft Review controlled laser light applied to the affected area. Once they are broken down and removed, the damaged vessels are then repaired by promoting the production of collagen that will fill in the area previously occupied by the scars. It basically has no recovery period and the worst thing that can happen is that the marks are not healing at all.The reasons why using lasers is so successful is because it treats more than the top layer of the skin and it actually penetrates into the skin layers where collagen is formed. Only scars that are still fresh, pink or purplish in colour can be treated by laser. The main disadvantage of using lasers is that it generally takes a number of regular treatment sessions and a good deal of money before you see the improvement in your skin.To use laser surgery find a board certified plastic surgeon. Make an appointment and discuss the process. Lasers have been used to assist with cosmetic skin problems since the 1960's and is painless. Practitioners of laser surgery claim that this new method can rejuvenate damaged skin and make it feel more elastic and look much the same way it used to. Although it is still considered a type of cosmetic surgery, laser surgery does not involve cutting the skin and does not result in irregularities to the skin texture.

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