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Hair Revital X

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-23)

Heredity, dieting, physical and emotional stress, Hair Revital X Review thyroid problems and hormonal changes are some of the most common causes of female baldness. Dieting and vegetarianism can cause the hairloss due to iron and zinc deficiency, and it is important to take the supplements to prevent hair fall. Severe illness, surgeries and emotional stress can play havoc on the body. It simply shuts down the production of new hair during the periods of stress, and devote its energies for repairing the vital structures. Low blood count, anemia and thyroid abnormalities also contribute to significant hair loss, but these conditions are easy to detect and cure.Pregnancy, using birth control pills and menopause bring major hormonal changes in female body, and contribute to hair loss. Around 50% of the women suffer hair loss after the delivery, though the hair may not fall out till three months later.Underactive thyroid is a problem associated with auto-immune disease, and leads to increased hair loss. Local skin problems and high fevers are other causes of hair fall, and it is advisable to consult a doctor if it is a cause of worry to you.Minoxidil is the most common treatment for hair loss, and it is successful for 63% women and 44% men. Additionally, FDA has approved the first antibiotic pill, Propecia, but this drug is available only for men as the testing on women is not yet complete. Women also have the option of surgical techniques, provided they have realistic expectations and are qualified candidates. Hair additions can also stimulate the natural appearance, however, it is advisable to consult the skilled specialist to discuss all the options.

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