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Joint N-11

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-28)

There is yet another important step you should take and Joint N-11 Review that is to figure out how well you're doing as you strive toward your goal. When are preparing yourself for your goals you will want to talk with your doctor because this represents a distinct change in your activities. Your doctor may instruct you to not overdo it, but to take it slowly and gradually increasing the levels of your activities. Your doctor may even tell you that while you can expect some initial muscle soreness, and there may be an increase in pain, meaning that you are probably doing too much and that you should cut back. Warming up for 15 minutes before you walk is another good idea. Your warm up could include light exercises such as foot rotations, seated leg extensions, and marching in place at a slow pace.Next, take a look at the resources you will need to start your goal. You will want to think about comfort, and finding someone who can hold you accountable and add to your motivation and commitment, maybe a friend or family member.Take a look at any possible barriers, like bad weather if your goal is to do more walking. Have a back-up plan or maybe even two, that way you won't loose your momentum.Next, is setting your goal. You could use something called Goal Attainment Scaling, which you can use to measure whether you are attaining your goal. With the Goal Attainment Scaling you can set your expected goal at 0 on the rating scale and then you could assign scores of +2 to -2 for your progress that is above and below your expectations. To do this you will have to decide what progress will be the minimally acceptable to you, and what your realistic maximum is.

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