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How do you post a page in iPad Safari to Twitter

by Imogene Phares (2020-03-10)

Copy and paste the link from safari into a tweet on Twitter. You can either use Twitter on Safari or download the Twitter app.

Do you need a camera for Twitter?
Not unless you want to post pictures to your page. Twitter is a site to post updates on in 140 characters. No pictures necessary.

Can you share music on Twitter?
Yes, you can share music on twitter. Go to website and upload your song, when you post the link on your twitter page and click it, the song will play on your actual page.

How do you post on someone else page on twitter?
You begin your tweet with their username (@username) and then your message.

How do you view random posts on twitter?
There's not really a way. There is alot of random post on twitter home page. You can go to random people's twitter profile and stalk their post something like that. But mainly, you see random posts on twitter home page or you can follow different people and that their followers and the people you followed will always show up on your twitter homepage so that kind of counts as random posts, theres not really random...

How do you follow people from your facebook page on twitter?
You cannot follow Twitter user directly from Facebook. If you see that some one has integrated his twitter account with Facebook and his tweet is poping up in your news feed (Facebook), you will see a twitter symbol below his/her post. Click on it and you will redirected to Twitter page. If you are log in on Twitter you can follow the person.

Does Pinterest post to Twitter?
Yes, Pinterest does post to Twitter. You control how you would like your pins to post to Twitter - individually or all.

How do you s4s on facebook using iPod touch?
Open Safari. Go To The Page On Facebook. And Copy The Web Address & Then Go To Post It. (It Doesn't Give The Blue Link Though) If You Wanna See The S4S's On Your Page, Click All ; Instead Of -Your Page Name Here- (It's Under The Thing That Says 'Share Post')

What country has the largest postal service in the world?
Indian Post Office The World's largest postal network? is now on Twitter ,probably you all might not knowing this fact that Indian Post Office is the largest Postal Network in the world.It is the first Government of India Department on Twitter earlier it was Delhi Traffic Police to join twitter.The Official account of Indian Post Office on twitter was launched barely three months ago and now more than 2600 followers are listed on its twitter...

How do you post a pic on Twitter?
You can only update your profile picture. You can't however, post pictures onto Twitter.

How do you post replies on Twitter?
To post replies to someone on twitter, you simply put the @ sign before their username. For example... @efink101 hey how are you? Simple as that. :)

Does Twitter post to Pinterest?
Twitter does not post to Pinterest, BUT you can set up your Pinterest account to post to Twitter. To connect your Pinterest account to Twitter: Log in to your Pinterest account. Click on your user name in the upper right hand corner, and choose "Settings." Scroll down to "Social Networks." Choose "Yes" on "Use your Twitter account to log in." Click "Save Settings."

How do you get a twitter?
You go to the Twitter web site and sign up for membership. Then you add friends and when the friends post a Twitter, you will receive it.

How can you get someone on Twitter to follow you?
Impress them with your post or buy pay for real twitter followers.

How do I post a video directly to a Facebook group on my iPad or iphone?
You can post a video directly to Facebook group on your iPad or iPhone by simply emailing the video straight to your account.

What would be the best place to view a Beyonce new video first?
Twitter will be one of the best place to view a Beyonce new video first. They will post the information on their page and you can notice as soon as you can.

Is there a way to post your own videos directly onto Twitter?
No, twitter is limited by 140 characters, no images or videos are currently allowed but you can post a link to a video.

What does it mean that someone is following me on twitter?
When someone follows you on Twitter, it means that this person will receive all updates you post on your Twitter profile.

How do you post a link on Twitter?
you press send

Does Kim Kardashian get paid to Twitter?
no, Kim Kardashian does not get paid to twitter. however, if she is a spokes woman for a specific brand, they can pay her to post twitter comments about it.

What kind of things do people post on Twitter?
People post all kinds of things on Twitter, some of it highly relevant, some of it pointless. They may tweet about current events or storms, or celebrity news, or they may post about what they had for breakfast, or that they are bored.

How does one tweet?
You update and post bulletins on Twitter.

How do you send a picture on Twitter?
You can log in to Twitpic with your Twitter details and upload your picture. This will then post a link to the picture as a tweet.

How do you suggest a location to ghost adventures?
You can either A) post it to their official facebook page and 벳이스트야구 hope for the best. B) Try tweeting them the location on Twitter (this is least likely to work, they get thousands of tweets a day) C) Look on the official Zak Bagans myspace page and the fan mail address is posted on their.

How do you send Jackie Chan a message?
Jackie Chan has an official Twitter account ( and an official Facebook page ( where you can post messages or you can send a letter to the fan mail address.

How do you post something on your own facebook page?
On facebook page have option to post your thoughts, Picture, video and you can scheduling also your post..

What is the name of the website that you can post what you've overheard?
Most Likely Twitter But If You Don't Like It (Twitter) You Could Use Myspace Or Facebook...But Twitter Would Probally Be The Best! :)

How do you post on someones twitter wall?
First of all, Twitter doesn't have a wall but you can mention them. You just put the persons user name ( @twitter ) and the tweet goes to that person

What is Demi Lovato s twitter name?
Demi Lovato's twitter name is ddlovato she post regular updates on her life.

How do you promote your twitter account?
Post about your twitter account on your blogs,social networking profiles etc. People who are interested in you will follow you.

What do people tweet about on Twitter?
People tweet shout outs to other friends and family on twitter and post latest status and updates about what's going on. They can even post pics and videos for others to watch.

Is Taylor Swift coming to Uruguay?
She might! Post something on her instagram or twitter page so that she knows that people here want her to come! P.S. I live in Uruguay right now. There is so many Swifties here! 3

Are posting links on Twitter a ripoff?
No, you can post links if you want to.

How can you enable anyone to post to your Twitter?
give them your username and password.

How can you know if you are in twitter jail?
You won't be able to post tweets.

Can you post pictures up on Twitter?
Yes. Using TwitPic

How do you post a pic from email file to twitter?
copy and paste

Is there an ideal time of day to post updates to Twitter?
no there isnt

Can you post pictures on DeviantART using an iPad?
Sorry, it's not possible

How do you post pictures from your iPad to your Facebook?
You have to press that arrow thing pointing to the box n den press post on facebook

How do you add a like page button on each post?
I saw a lot of pages these days having a "Like Page" Button on the right of the page name. I know sponsored pages have that facility but i recently saw some pages's post on which the post wasn't sponsored yet the post had one such button. How to add a "like page" button on each post? Any Idea how this is achieved? How can i get the same thing for my Facebook page?

How can you prepapare to be actor?

How do you post a response to a Twitter comment?
By clicking on Reply under that tweet.

How do you use bitly to post a link on twitter?
Go to their official website.

Where can you find interesting tweets to post on twitter?
wiki answers aparently

Why Doesn't Twitter Have Games Like Facebook?
Twitter is a blogging social network where people post stuff and follow up with groups and celebrities

What is via Twitter?
If you've seen "via twitter" on a blog post or through another medium, it means that the author found out about that information through twitter, a social network and micro-blogging service.

How do you post pictures on the web?
You can post pictures through: Picasa Web Albums Google Accounts Facebook Twitter Buzz

Is it safe for you to post picture of yourself online?
it depens . if you post picture of you on facebook,myspace,or twitter is ok. but on dateing website not.

How do you add video from dailymotion to Blogger blog?
1. Click on "Share" below the video on Dailymotion 2. Select "Embed" 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Preview page and unchecked "Enable iframe player compatible iPhone, iPad, Android..." 4. Copy embedding code 5. Go to edit post / new post....your default post window will be in "Compose" click" HTML" before pasting the embedding code.

How do you join Twitter anonymously?
You can browse twitter anonymously my simply searching for a certain person on google, for example, if I search for Ellen DeGeneres, it will take me to her twitter page/profile; from there, you can search for other people and browse the trends. However, this way, you won't be able to post updates(tweets), retweet or like stuff. Other than that, you may simply create an account with a username without including a picture of yourself, which...

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