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Instructions For Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

by Jerrell McCafferty (2020-03-24)

Bamboo is a perennial plant found throughout the world and can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Many people like it for its fast growth and negligible needs. They use it to make natural screens or just to enhance the decor of their homes. One of the well known types of bamboo plants is lucky bamboo plant. Growing bamboo plant is not a difficult task.

With some simple instructions for lucky bamboo plant care, one can grow them with ease. Lucky bamboo plant has gained popularity due to Chinese tradition.

According to Feng-Shui

It brings luck, good health and peace of mind to the bearer.

It is known to create positive energy in and around the house.

The varied number of stalks is believed to bring luck in varied number of ways. 2 stalks bring love and 3 stalks bring happiness. 6 stalks will bring you peace of mind and harmony and 8 stalks will bring wealth to the bearer.
With so much to look forward to, simple instructions are followed for lucky bamboo plant care. These include looking for its nutrition like sunlight, water and soil requirements.

Unlike many bamboo plants, growing bamboo plants like lucky bamboo require indirect sunlight. When grown in direct sunlight, they get scorched. Yellowing of leaves is seen. They tend to wither away. Therefore, this plant is grown indoors usually. It is grown in water and can also be grown in soil.

This plant requires a little amount of water. To hydrate this plant, only about an inch of water is required. We can have pebbles and rocks to support the plant which is suspended when grown in water. Lucky bamboo plant care also involves checking the moisture level of top layer of soil to check for its hydration and if it's grown in water, check for the color of roots. If it's of any other color than red, it signifies danger to the plant and shows that it's time to trim the roots.

Growing bamboo plant in soil requires little fertilizer. Basically, it grows in nitrogenous soil. It can be decorated by suitable arrangement of pebbles and stones in water. The roots of this plant are colored red and 파워볼사이트 the leaves are green/. Having pebbles with the right kind of background d and pattern, this plant brings beauty, grace and elegance to the interiors of the home.

It is good to change the water once a week for lucky bamboo plant care. The dark greenery of leaves of the plants, fresh water and sweet smell of the lucky bamboo plant signifies the health of the plant. Therefore, with few simple tips for lucky bamboo plant care, growing bamboo indoors becomes a fun and joyous task.

Renaldo Mirambil is a passionate bamboo lover who shares his thoughts on Lucky Bamboo Plant Care and numerous things related to growing bamboo through his site. Being born and raised in Philippines that serve as a great natural habitat for bamboo plants, he has virtually opened the door to wealth of knowledge on the subject of Bamboo. 

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