Vol 11, Issue 3 Fall 2015

Table of Contents

From the Editors

From the Editors PDF
François Bar, Kentaro Toyama pp. iii-iv

Research Articles

Family Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya PDF
Sibel B. Kusimba, Yang Yang, Nitesh V. Chawla pp. 1-21
A Pilot Study Using Educational Animations as a Way to Improve Farmers’ Agricultural Practices and Health Around Adama, Ethiopia PDF
Julia Bello-Bravo, Gemechu W. Olana, Barry Robert Pittendrigh pp. 23-37
How Transformational Mobile Banking Optimizes Household Expenditures: A Case Study from Rural Communities in Mexico PDF
Cesar Renteria pp. 39-54
Investigating the Role of Innovation Attributes in the Adoption, Rejection, and Discontinued Use of Open Source Software for Development PDF
Melissa Tully pp. 55-69

Book Review

Talking Truth to Technology PDF
Anirudh Krishna pp. 71-73


Contributors PDF
pp. 75

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