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There is one element of the duct mask that still requirements a little work. When you adhere the tape to each register it will not damage the factory end on any register we have found. Nevertheless, there is a strong chance that if the paint is fairly new the adhesive utilized might remove this paint. The last thing you want to do and a clients house is eliminate their paint so make sure you use warning and make certain the adhesive only contacts the register and not the encompassing walls. Other than that I really feel like this is a great addition to any air duct cleaners arsenal.|Consider obtaining your air ductwork washed at this time. You'll be surprised the quantity of a good change is heading to be created in your cooling and heating invoice, in the amount of sneezes that you merely hear all through your home, as well as in how comfortable you're. It's amazing how something so easy could make this type of extraordinary distinction in your home and in the financial institution.

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